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Dam: Old Mountain Farm Ballerina

Pictures courtesy of Cheryle Moore-Smith of Old Mountain Farm


Old Mountain Farm Cecchetti *B


D.O.B.  03/31/2008



CH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax E

SIRE: Old Mountain Farm Obsidian

Rosasharn's Hazel Nut 4*D VG (1*M)


Rosasharn's Little Bear *S

DAM: 2*M AR Old Mountain Farm Ballerina 2*D'E'

1*M Gnome Rock Sabrina *D


Cecchetti is co-owned with Brenda Piper of Honey Locust Farm





Tiny Tubbies RR Percedes


D.O.B.  3/13/2011



Kiddreamin Noche Luna

SIRE: Kiddreamin Rocky Road

Tiny Blossom


Wood Bridge Farm Versocci

DAM: Tiny Tubbies Andromada

Buttin Heads Top Flite



Irish Whisper Snap Crackl Pop, littermate sister

MI Sugarcreek Sally's Xena

Irish Whisper YS Popcorn


D.O.B.  01/06/2010



MI Sugarcreek X-tra Cash

SIRE: MI Sugarcreek XC Yippy Skippy

MI Sugarcreek Sally's Xena


MI Sugarcreek C Willful

DAM: Irish Whisper W Soda Pop

Irish Whisper GS Tootsie Pop






Kid Dreamin C Maestro Enrico


D.O.B.  02/14/2012



Old Mountain Farm Obsidian

SIRE: Old Mountain Farm Cecchetti

Old Moutnain Farm Ballerina


NC Promisedland RC Salvatore

DAM: Proctor Hill FArm SV Mitzidore

Heatherwood Blue Eyed Betty






Irish Whisper Flannel


D.O.B.  02/14/2012







MI Sugarcreek C Willful

DAM: Irish Whisper Cottonelle

Irish Whisper Cottony Soft



Pavel's Dam, Natasha, picture courtesy of Cheryle Moore-Smith


Old Mountain Farm Pavel


D.O.B.  02/14/2012



Old Moutian Farm Stag

SIRE: Old Mountain Farm Cernounos

Old Moutnain Farm Tianna Quinn


*B Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip's

DAM: Old Mountain Farm Natasha

2*M AR Old Mountain Farm Eleanor RW
2*D AR 2395




Old Mountain Farm Murlough


D.O.B. 4/20/2012


*B NC Promisedland Tur Beau +*S

SIRE:  Old Mountian Farm Cernunnos

Old Mountain Farm Tianna Quinn


Old Mountain Farm Stag

DAM:  Old Mountain Farm Kilkasha Sand

GCH 1*M Sugar Creek Nate's Patience *D




Photo courtesy of Legacy's MiniStock


Buttin'Heads Ferris Wheel


D.O.B. 5/2/2007


Creek Road Hudson +S

SIRE:  CH Buttin Heads MOH Rising Son

MCH Buttin Heads Carmen SanDiego


Buttin'Heads Galziping Ghost

DAM:  CH Buttin Heads Black Iredsh Rose

ARMCH Buttin'Heads Wedding Song







CH Buttin'Heads MoH Rising Son   (Reference)


D.O.B. 3/10/2004


MCH Willow Creek Instant Replay

SIRE:  Creek Road Hudson +S

Blue Creek Mattea


Brush Creek Carpe' Diem

DAM:  MCH Buttin'Heads Carmen Sandiego

ARMCH Buttin'Heads Donsxto Seanorita 5*D




Kaapio Acres Rocket Man AI    (Reference)




Stonewall's Longstreet

SIRE: Stonewall's Raising Arizona ++*S

Goodwood Penny Lane


Storybook Zoser

DAM: Woodhaven Farms Moondancer

Storybook Nerfetti



Dam: Patience


MI Sugarcreek C Willful (reference)




Stonewall's Raising Arizona

SIRE: Irish Whisper RA Rainsin' Cain AI

Morningstar EM's Morning Dove


Sugar Creek Sally's Nate *S

DAM: GCH/ARMCH Sugar Creek Nate's Patience 2*D

CH South Campus Temperance *D




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